Tuesday 12th October: Transfer to Lausanne

A 4:30am wakeup call is never fun but what really woke me up was when I logged on to confirm that there had been no changes to my flights home. When I booked my flights the travel agent booked me on a flight that didn’t allow me time to give my presentation at the conference. Of course this was changed and a new itinerary was issued. Needless to say I was surprised to find I was still booked on the Friday night flight. A few quick emails were all I had time for before I had to leave for the station.

Thankfully the station wasn’t far from the hotel and the coffee shop was open. Armed with a good book and caffeine I settled in for the 7hr journey to Lausanne.

Lausanne is a beautiful city but it certainly isn’t flat! True to Murphy’s law my hotel was uphill from the station. I was very grateful to drop my all my bags at the hotel and use the remaining hours of sunlight to explore the city. A quick survey of the shop windows made it clear that I would NOT be doing any shopping in Lausanne!